A new hiking trail that will take you along the gorgeous, blue coasts of southern France has opened just in time for summer. The Grand Sentier de la Côte Bleue — or Big Blue Coast Trail — is a nearly 40-mile coastal hiking route that runs between Marseille and Martigues. The gorgeous hike takes you through picturesque little French villages, past seaside coves, and across cliff-sides and hills. Along with the beautiful sights there is over 600 species of plants, including 59 that are protected and 16 that are facing extinction, to be admired along the route.

Chris Hellier (c) Copyright

The starting point of the trail is at Le Rove in Marseille and offers nearly endless seascapes as it continues to Martigues. The biggest advantage is that the new route will connect with around 17 other hiking trails of between 4 – 15 miles in length. That makes it perfect for hikers of all skill levels, and each loop is also reachable by train as the trail has been designed to link in with existing railway tracks and stations.

Source: T&L