> Ristorante Consolini
The chef of Ristorante Consolini proposes a refined and tasty menu in the sign of Mediterranean cuisine, often mixed with the Roman tradition. The restaurant is an excellent introduction to Italian fish-based dishes. Try the Tonnarelli al Coccio, spaghetti with clams, paccheri with prawns, sea bass and lemon, amber fish alla mugnaia, or grilled swordfish. Sample the starter dishes like sautéed mussels and squid with artichokes.
A: Via Marmorata 28 | Hours: Tue-Sun. 10am-4pm & 6pm-11:30pm | Price: $$$$ | T: +39 06 5730 0148 | E: info@ristoranteconsolini.it | W: ristoranteconsolini.it | Reservations: Recommended

> Il San Lorenzo
This gorgeous space with its chandeliers and soaring original brickwork ceilings, houses one of the best seafood restaurants in the Eternal City. The eight-course tasting menu is extremely tempting—it might include the likes of cuttlefish-ink tagliatelle with mint, artichokes, and roe, or shrimp from the island of Ponza with rosemary, bitter herbs, and porcini mushrooms—and, for Rome, a relative bargain at €85. There are also plenty of à la carte items: a crudo (raw fish) appetizer, for instance, might include a perfectly seasoned fish tartare trio, sweet scampi, and a wispy carpaccio of red shrimp. The restaurant’s version of spaghetti with sea urchin is exquisite and delicate; follow up with a main course of freshly caught seasonal fish prepared to order.
A: Via dei Chiavari 4/5 | Hours: Mon & Sat. 7:30pm-11:45pm Tue-Fri. 12:45pm-2:45pm & 7:30pm-11:45pm | Price: $$$$ | T: +39 06 68 65 097 | E: info@ilsanlorenzo.it | W: ilsanlorenzo.it | Reservations: Recommended

> Molo 10
At Molo 10 the top dishes are carpaccio and fish tartare. The chef prepares very tasty dishes looking after also the food appearance. The natural and genuine cuisine of this restaurant enhances the flavors of Italian tradition: menus offers pickled anchovies with Amalfi lemon, tuna tartare with capers and basil, sfoglia of white fish with tomatoes and basil.
A: Via Prati della Farnesina, 10 | Hours: 12:30pm-3pm & 7:30pm-11pm | Price: $$$ | T: +39 06 333 6166 | E: info@molo10.it | W: molo10.it | Reservations: Recommended

> Remigio
An intimate venue, located far from the usual routes, at Via Santa Maria Ausiliatrice, 15 is Remigio, meant to be a tribute to Saint Remy and Reims, the champagne capital in France, of which the Remigio staff is a great fan. Here you can match fine wines and champagne with gastronomical delicacies as carpaccio of salted codfish with pine nuts and raisin, classic tartare and slice of salmon with pomegranate.
A: Via Santa Maria Ausiliatrice, 15 | Hours: 10:30am-12am | Price: $$$ | T: +39 06 789228 | E: info@remigio.eu | W: remigio.eu | Reservations: Recommended

> Fish Market
One of the most popular seafood restaurants is Fish Market, a cool and stylish venue in the heart of Rome. This is the first seafood restaurant that offers the possibility to choose your dishes directly from a bank of fresh fish, is suitable for all tastes and budgets. Among the Fish Market specialties delicious there are prawns from Sicily and the Mediterranean yellow fin tuna. The Carpaccio Gambero Rosso dish is a triumph of other versions of raw fish: octopus carpaccio, amberjack tartare, tuna tartare. The highlight happened at aperitif time (from 7:00 pm); we suggest trying the “cartoccio” a jacket fried fish to get along with a glass of wine.
A: Vicolo della Luce 3/5 | Hours: Mon-Fri. 7pm-12am Sat-Sun. 12:30pm-3:30pm & 7pm-12:30am | Price: $$$ | T: +39 320 391 0934 | E: info@fishmarket-roma.com | W: fishmarket-roma.com | Reservations: Recommended

> Assunta Madre
At Via Giulia, one of the most elegant streets in Rome, between Rione Regola and Rione Ponte, there is the Assunta Madre restaurant, specialized in oysters, shrimp and prawns, carpaccio, tuna tartare, rich appetizers and tastings of many varieties of fish coming from Terracina (a small town on the Tyrrhenian Sea). About courses we suggest dumplings with red shrimp, pachino tomatoes and pecorino cheese, tagliolini (a kind of pasta) with lobster, paccheri with squid or sea bass with olive leaf and lemon, risotto with squid and zucchini. The main courses include grilled fish, baked turbot with potatoes or shrimp, steamed crayfish and lobster.
A: 14, Via Giulia | Hours: 7:30pm-1am | Price: $$$$ | T: +39 06 6880 6972 | E: roma@ristoranteassuntamadre.it | W: ristoranteassuntamadre.it | Reservations: Recommended

CRU.DOP wine bar is the temple of raw fish, features an open-plan kitchen, and is managed by the renowned chef Nestor Grojewski, former personal chef of Martin Scorsese, he also worked in many luxury hotels and upscale restaurants. The specialties of this restaurant are fillet tartare with capers and green pepper, tuna dadolata with white sesame and honey, sea bass tartar with fresh thyme and lime. The venue boasts a modern style and each detail express the identity of the restaurant, an ideal place for who like to taste gourmet dishes and excellent wines.
A: Via Tuscolana 898 | Hours: Tue-Sat. 6pm-12am Sun. 7pm-12am | Price: $$$$ | T: +39 06 7690 9916 | E: info@crudop.it | W: crudop.it | Reservations: Recommended

> Pascucci al Porticciolo
This is a stylish a cozy venue that offers a great selection of locals’ fish markets. The chef Gianfranco was starred by Michelin guide in 2012 and awarded with 2 forks on Gambero Rosso, one of the most prestigious restaurant guides. The chef enhances the high quality of ingredients cooking traditional dishes revisited with a touch of creativity. Let yourself be tempted by alalunga tartare with mustard and egg, or parmigiana with burrata and aubergines, it will be a very special food experience!
A: Viale Traiano 85 | Hours: Tue-Sat. 12:30pm-2pm & 8pm-10pm Sun. 12:30pm-2:30pm | Price: $$$$ | T: +39 06 6502 9204 | E: info@alporticciolo.net | W: pascuccialporticciolo.com | Reservations: Recommended

> Ristorante Oltremare
Is a very enchanting place that offers only the best of the delicacies of the Mediterranean cuisine. Among the restaurant proposals that you should taste, there are dishes made with raw shellfish, Gragnano pasta with aubergines, squids and cheese, tagliolini with smoked tuna “all’amatriciana”.
A: Lungomare della Salute 109/b | Hours: | Price: $$$ | T: +39 06 652 0119 | E: info@ristoranteoltremare.com | W: ristoranteoltremare.com | Reservations: Recommended

> Da Romolo al Porto
Genuineness and passion for the art of cuisine are the strong points of Da Romolo al Porto in Anzio, a seafood restaurant open since 1968. The chefs guarantee the quality of dishes prepared with only fresh fish and seasonal ingredients. The chef Marco Tullio Regolanti suggests tasting tuna in gazpacho, caprese with bream, and salad with eels on a creamy carrot soup. A specialty of Da Romolo al Porto is the “forgotten fish soup”, that is the dish cooked by fishermen on board. You can get along the dishes prepared with sea bass, sea bream, turbot, with DOC wines from the selective wine list.
A: Via Porto Innocenziano 19 | Hours: Thu-Tue. 12pm-11pm | Price: $$$$ | T: +39 06 984 4079 | Reservations: Recommended

> Osteria La Gensola
This restaurant run by the dynamic Claudio Dordel is at the heart of the Roman eating scene. There’s nothing particularly unusual about this place, but the cooking is comforting, and the ingredients are always of the highest quality. There are three rooms which are always totally packed, filled with tasteful decor – paper sailing boats, artsy fish bones, and old photos. The kitchen serves dishes that blend traditional Roman and Sicilian cuisine. There are some recipes that stray away from our theme but are an absolute must, such as the excellent amatriciana made with Patanegra (iberian ham). The atmosphere is lively and relaxed, and the service is polite and professional but not too formal. We recommend trying the tuna tartare with a horseradish sauce (19 euros), tagliolini pasta with calamari and sun-dried tomatoes or maccheroncini pasta from Campo Filone with raw prawn ragù (20 euros). There are also traditional dishes like carbonara rigatoni (13 euros). As for the main courses, other than the tripe (15 euros), we suggest trying the grilled sword fish with ‘ammogghiu’ (Sicilian tomato sauce) (18 euros), or the sword fish and fresh tomato balls served with grilled scampi (30 euros). As for the desserts, the Sicilian cassata is a must.
A: Piazza della Gensola 15 | Hours: 12:30-3pm & 7:45pm-11:30pm | Price: $$$ | T: +39 06 5833 2758 | E: prenotazioni@osterialagensola.it | W: osterialagensola.it | Reservations: Recommended

> Ristorante Campisi
Those who have been to the fishing village of Marzamemi know that the Campisi family sell the best, and most expensive, sea food. So, a few years ago, in the beautiful Sicilian town, they added a small restaurant to the prosperous bottega. After that they thought of opening one up in Rome too, in the African district. Opened by Paolo Campisi, the restaurant is well worth a visit, for the quality of the food above all. Here you can try an excellent plate of raw fish (red prawns from Sicily, langoustines and oysters) for 15 euros, fish cakes made of ‘muccu’ (young fish) with an orange jam (10 euros), spaghetti with sardines and wild fennel (14 euros) and seared tuna with onions from Tropea in a sweet and sour sauce (20 euros). You can finish it all off with Sicilian cannoli (6 euros).
A: Viale Somalia 116 | Hours: Tue-Sat. 12:30pm-2:30pm & 8pm-10:30pm Sun. 12:30pm-2:30pm | Price: $$$ | T: +39 06 860 6634 | E: info@ristorantecampisi.com | W: ristorantecampisi.com | Reservations: Recommended

> Orlando
If you ever have a sudden urge for delicious Sicilian cooking, Orlando is your place. A stone’s throw away from Porta Pinciana, on the menu you’ll find traditional southern Italian dishes with a contemporary twist. For antipasti we recommend the tartare (tuna, red drum, amberjack fish or scampi) or the anchovies prepared four different ways: stuffed and then baked, in a fish cake, rolled up with herbs or marinated. You mustn’t miss the arancini with red tuna and pea ragù. For starters there’s busiata (Sicilian spiral shaped pasta) alla Trapanisa (tuna, sword fish and almond pesto sauce) or the pasta of the three pharaohs (sea urchins, mussels and prawns). Then for the main course, there’s amberjack fish with endive (a type of chicory), red drum with red turnips and aubergine caviar or tuna in a crust with pistachios. For dessert there are obviously cannoli and cassata, and the perfetto al pistacchio is also excellent.
A: Via del Falco 19| Hours: Mon-Fri. 12:30pm-3pm & 8pm-11pm Sat. 8pm-11pm | Price: $$$ | T: +39 06 4201 6102 | E: ristoranteorlandosicilia@gmail.com | Reservations: Recommended

> Da Benito e Gilberto al Falco
Lively and modern, small but cozy, Da Benito e Gilberto al Falco has been popular since 1976, with new generations heading here and giving it a new lease of life. You should start with oysters and then taste the pasta and beans with sea food (15 euros), or the linguine with lobster, and then try the prawns in white wine (25 euros).
A: Via del Falco 19 | Hours: Tue-Sat. 12pm-3pm & 7pm-11:30pm | Price: $$$ | T: +39 06 686 7769 | W: benitoegilberto.it | Reservations: Recommended

> Pesci Brilli
A trattoria serving sea food that’s been open since July 2016, while the name is not particularly original, Pesci Brilli has hit the nail on the head with its relaxing ambience and simple, stylish furnishings. The menu is not trying to do anything too complicated, but sometimes that’s just what you need: sautéed mussels  for 8 euros (yes, that’s right!), marinated anchovies with citrus fruits for 12 euros, spaghetti with clams (13 euros), spaghetti with sea bass carbonara (16 euros), a mixed plate of fried fish (20 euros), lobster in the Catalan style (30 euros), or a mixed plate of raw fish (26 euros). The chef is Sardinian and the fish all comes from Anzio.
A: Via Ancora 43| Hours: Tue-Sat. 12pm-2:45pm & 7pm-11:40pm Sun. 12pm-2:45pm | Price: $$$ | T: +39 06 4424 9846 | W: pescibrilli.it | Reservations: Recommended

> Livello 1
In Eur it’s not easy to find a good restaurant, especially not a good fish restaurant. Livello 1, recently open, is the exception. Some examples of the dishes on the menu include: tuna tartare in crunchy pasta with tomato jelly, burrata, and basil oil (18 euros), sole with amatriciana sauce with figs and crunchy pigs cheek (28 euros), barbequed scallops with white bean cream, chopped tomatoes and salicornia (sea beans) (18 euros), tortello (a type of filled pasta) with bufalo stracciatella, vanilla and lobster sauce. For those who enjoy antipasti, there’s a tasting menu of raw fish for 35 euros, and a cooked platter costs 30 euros.
A: Via Duccio di Buoninsegna, 25| Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 12.30pm–3pm & 7.30pm–11pm, Sunday 12.30pm–3pm, Monday 7.30pm–11pm | Price: $$ | T: +39 06 5033999 | E: info@ristorantelivello1.it | W: ristorantelivello1.it | Reservations: Recommended

> La Trattoria del Pesce
This family-run institution has been serving seafood in the working-class Testaccio neighborhood for over 40 years, and fresh fish arrives here from all over the country (but mainly Puglia) every morning and sometimes twice daily. The tuna and mixed-seafood carpaccio are standard but excellent starters, and from there, look for house specialties like paccheri with totani (baby calamari) and the wondrously simple spaghetti with lobster. There are non-seafood Roman classics on the menu, too, like cacio e pepe and pajata, but this is the place to order seafood.
A: Via Folco Portinari 27 | Hours: Mon. 7:30pm-11pm Tue-Sat. 12:30pm-11pm | Price: $$$ | T: +39 349 335 2560 | E: info@trattoriadelpesce.it | W: trattoriadelpesce.it | Reservations: Recommended

> Ottavio
One of the best fish restaurants in Rome, you can’t afford to miss a visit to Ottavio. It might be very traditional, but if you like fish, and you like eating in elegant surroundings that are a little old fashioned, among diners who are worryingly passionate about fine cuisine, then this is the place for you. It’s first worth giving the raw fish a try. Then from the main menu you must try the spaghetti with clams and shellfish, the lobster from Catalonia, and pappardelle with lobster. The chef is Adel, who owns the restaurant with his wife Anna. It’s tricky to go here and spend less than 80-100 euros, so pay special attention to the cost per kg and to the service charge, as they tend to be high.
A: Via di Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, 9 | Hours: Mon-Sat. 8pm-12am | Price: $$$ | T: +39 06 702 0520 | W: ottavio.it | Reservations: Recommended

> Osteria 140
Two minutes away from Campo de’ Fiori, this small osteria serves creative seafood, meat and vegetarian recipes. Daniele Mannis and Giancarlo Mura are always there to advise on the best wines to pair with the dishes, having between them carefully selected a brilliant wine menu. As for the food menu, for antipasti we recommend the borlotti bean crème with mussels and burrata, and eggs cooked at 64 degrees in kanafeh pastry with a parmesan and asparagus mousse, Jerusalem artichoke and truffle cream and violet potato chips.  For the starters there’s handmade fettucine with finferli mushrooms and prawns, spaghetti with pistachios and rabbit, creste di gallo pasta filled with burrata, broccoli and olives from Taggia, or tortelli pasta filled with vignarola (spring vegetable stew) made with beans, peas, pigs cheek and pecorino. Moving on to the mains, there’s octopus with potatoes, shallots and red turnips, vacuum-cooked tuna belly, or pork fillet with apples and Malvesia grapes. To complete the delicious meal there’s lightly salted vanilla ice cream with a touch of olive oil that perfectly cleanses the palette before you indulge in a cream and raspberry crostata, a tiramisù or maybe a hazelnut and chocolate pudding.
A: Via dei Banchi Vecchi 140 | Hours: Thu-Tue. 12:30pm-3pm & 7:30pm-11:15pm | Price: $$$ | T: +39 06 8765 6724 | E: info@osteria140.it | W: osteria140.it | Reservations: Recommended

> Quinzi e Gabrieli
Alberto and Enrico, otherwise known as Quinzi & Gabrieli, both originally from Amatrice, have a long history together. Longtime friends, they moved to Rome at the same time and quickly began learning all the trade secrets of the restaurant industry. They even spent time in Paris and London mastering their craft. After fine-tuning their skills, they returned to Italy where they opened a small oyster bar, which over time, became Quinzi & Gabrieli, the successful restaurant that we know today. Their philosophy is simple: manipulate exceptional basic ingredients as little as possible in a way that enhances their natural flavors. The secret? Essential and top-quality condiments, such as extra virgin olive oil from Tuscia, Mediterranean cherry tomatoes, various types of the best salts, such as pink salt from the Himalayas and Hawaiian red salt. Dishes served range from seafood, shellfish, cuttlefish, calamari to the noblest fish including sea bass and snapper. The dish preparations range from raw to pan-seared to sautéed. Not only is the food delicious, but the location delights the visual senses as well. The restaurant is in the historic Palazzo di Boccapaduli, dating back to the 1400s. To top it off, there is a gorgeous display in plain view of all the customers of the fresh fish and the pasta dishes being cooked. For a real treat, try the baccalà confit. Quinzi and Gabrieli’s 30 plus years of experience preparing delicious fish dishes make this restaurant a must-try for anyone visiting the Eternal City.
A:  Via delle Coppelle, 5 | Hours: Tue-Sun. 12:30pm-3:30pm & 7:30pm-11:30pm, Tuesday 7.30pm-11.30pm | Price: $$$ | T: +39 06 6879389 | E: info@quinziegabrieli.it | W: quinziegabrieli.it | Reservations: Recommended

> La Pergola
Dinner here is a truly spectacular and romantic event, with incomparable views across the city matched by the spectacular three–Michelin star dining experience. The difficulty comes in choosing from among Chef Heinz Beck’s alta cucina specialties. Expect such temptations as John Dory fillet with white truffles, pumpkin purée, and mushrooms, or deep-fried zucchini flowers with caviar in a shellfish-and-saffron consommé. Everything from the bread to the wine to the service is top-notch, and the dessert course is always an extravagant, multicourse event.
A: Via Alberto Cadlolo 101 | Hours: Tue-Sat. 7:30pm-11:30pm | Price: $$$$ | T: +39 06 3509 2152 | E: ROMHI.LaPergolaReservations@waldorfastoria.com | W: romecavalieri.com | Reservations: Recommended

> Life Ristorante & Wine Bar
Located on a picturesque street between Piazza di Spagna and the Trevi Fountain, Life is a seafood paradise. The feature of Life Restaurant is its attention to every last detail when preparing its dishes. All the food is prepared with fresh and high-quality products and ingredients. Although they’re known for their fish, they have an excellent meat selection as well, selected by the best butchers in Rome. The seafood menu is prepared with the freshest fish, caught from the Tyrrhenian Sea. The restaurant has an à la carte lunch and dinner menu but also has 4 different tasting menus, 2 of which are only fish dishes. The first fish tasting menu is the Menu Astice or “Lobster Menu” which is a 4-course meal, completely lobster-based menu. The price of the Lobster Menu is 50 euro per person without wine or 70 euro per person including wine. The second fish tasting menu is the “Essenza di Mare” or “Sea Essence” menu. The Sea Essence menu is a 5-course meal of all different kinds of seafood and fish which costs 60 euro per person without wine or 88 euro per person including wine. The Essenza di Mare menu is a real customer favorite. Don’t miss out on giving it a try on your next visit to Rome!
A: Via delle Vite, 28 | Hours: Tues-Sun. 12pm–12am, Mon. 5pm-12am | Price: $$ | T: +39 066 938 0948 | E: | W: ristorantelife.it | Reservations: Recommended

> Cantieri Marconi Waterfront
Cantieri Marconi not only has yummy seafood dishes, but its location is a former shipyard that has been renovated. Cantieri Marconi Waterfront ambience of the location is accented by the fact that it is on the Tiber riverfront in Rome in the Ostiense district. Sara De Bellis and Fabio Pugliese are the gastronomic food directors aboard this ship, offering dishes with English, Arab, American, Spanish and South American influences mixed in. The chefs at Cantieri Marconi are constantly whipping up creative and innovative takes on seafood without losing sight of classic Italian food traditions. In short, you can find amazingly inventive and delicious seafood dishes here without doing too much damage to your pocketbook! It’s a win-win!
A: Lungotevere Dante, 273 | Hours: Tue-Fri. 6:30pm-1am, Sat-Sun. 12:30pm-4pm & 6pm-1am | Price: $$ | T: +39 065941038 | E: info@cantierimarconi.com | W: cantierimarconi.com | Reservations: Recommended

> Le Mani in Pasta
Tucked away in the quieter side of Trastevere, I can proudly say that Le Mani in Pasta wins The Roman Foodie prize for serving the best fish dishes in all of Rome. Not just that, but the staff here are great too! As soon as you walk into this intimate little restaurant, you are greeted with a smile (sometimes even a hug) and shown to your table with a complimentary glass of prosecco. Make sure you ask for the specials for the day, they differ depending on what fresh seafood has been caught recently. From sea urchins, to baked swordfish, to an array of fish pastas, if it’s fish you’re in the mood for, you can guarantee Le Mani in Pasta will hit the spot. Finally, as well as mentioning their awesome staff and delicious fish, their wine list is also very reasonable. Bottles of their local whites start at around €12 and these have each been tasted and handpicked by the owner. The waiters are also happy to recommend a good wine to accompany your meal, and you can trust them to not rip you off. So, drink up!
A: Via dei Genovesi, 37 | Hours: Tue-Sun. 12:30pm-3:00pm & 7:30pm-11:30pm | Price: $$$ | T: +39 06 581 6017 | W: ristorantedipescetrastevere.roma.it | Reservations: Recommended

> Quarantunododici
Named after the location’s shipping coordinates, QuarantunoDodici (4112) is an elegant, but never pretentious, seafood restaurant based in the Nautilus Marina complex at the port of Fiumicino, just outside Rome. Headed up by chef Daniele Usai, 4112 offers seafood-based cuisine in a more relaxed setting and at a more affordable price point than the Michelin-starred Il Tino – located just next door and helmed by Usai. Expect locally caught fish cooked to perfection and finished with the occasional Asian-inspired flourish, such as the sautéed mussels “a little Thai”. The antipasti – in particular, the fried prawns with winter gazpacho – are all delicious and highlight the quality of the raw ingredients.
A: Via Monte Cadria, 127 | Hours: 8am-5pm & 7:30pm-11pm | Price: $$ | T: +39 065 622 778 | E: info@quarantunododici.it | W: quarantunododici.it | Reservations: Recommended

> Dar Filettaro
When talking about fish and Roman cuisine, baccalà is undoubtedly the star ingredient. This dried and salted cod is revived by a long soak (at least 24 hours but often more) in cold water before being used in several traditional Jewish dishes, the most famous of which is filetti di baccalà. These battered and deep-fried fillets are the specialty of Dar Filettaro near Campo de’ Fiori in the historical centre. There are a small number of other items on the menu in this tiny, no-frills restaurant but many choose to grab a fillet of fish to go eat in the picturesque piazza outside.
A: Largo dei Librari, 88 | Hours: Mon-Sat. 5:30pm-11pm | Price: $ | T: +39 06 686 4018 | Reservations: Recommended

> Osteria Der Belli
One might overlook Osteria der Belli because of its proximity to the central square of Trastevere, Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere—and that would be a crying shame. Leo, the owner, is Sardinian and has been running this place daily for over 35 years. While Roman dishes are on the menu, it excels at seafood and Sardinian cuisine. Try the sea bass carpaccio to start, the ravioli or fettuccine alla sarda (in a creamy mushroom sauce) to follow. All of the homemade pasta is supplied by Leo’s sister, who runs the pasta house around the corner. Ask what fresh fish has just arrived and how it’s recommended to be cooked. Between the friendly service and quality food, this one’s a real find in an otherwise-touristy part of Trastevere.
A: Piazza di Sant’Apollonia, 11 | Hours: Tue-Sun. 12pm-3pm & 7pm-11pm | Price: $$ | T: +39 06 580 3782 | Reservations: Recommended

> Chinappi Seafood Restaurant
Originally working in the family restaurant in Formia, halfway between Rome and Naples, Stefano Chinappi bought his style of dining to the Eternal City in 2010. At his eponymous restaurant, Chinappi is fastidious about quality, selecting fresh fish every day from his trusted fishmonger in his hometown of Formia and personally transporting it to the restaurant every morning. Such top-notch seasonal ingredients come with an appropriate price tag so dining a la carte can add up, but the €49–€99 tasting menus offer excellent value. Raw red prawns with orange, and fusiloro pasta with red snapper and tomato are among the most requested dishes.
A: Via Augusto Valenziani, 19 | Hours: 12pm-3pm & 7pm-11pm | Price: $$$$ | T: +39 06 481 9005 | E: chinappi@chinappi.it | W: chinappi.it | Reservations: Recommended

> Il Tempio Di Iside
Thanks to its reputation as one of Rome’s best seafood spots, booking is essential at Il Tempio di Iside, particularly if you’re hoping to score an outdoor table in summer. As well as cooked seafood offerings like fusilli pasta with red prawns and pecorino, this chic restaurant does a roaring trade in raw dishes that showcase the freshness of their ingredients including oysters, sea urchin and scallops. Both fresh fish and crustaceans are used to make ever-popular tartare and carpaccio.
A: Via Labicana 50, corner Via Pietro Verri | Hours: Mon-Sat. 12pm-3pm & 7:30pm-11pm | Price: $$$$ | T: +39 06 700 4741 | W: isideristorante.it | Reservations: Recommended

> La Torricella
Located on the edge of Testaccio, La Torricella serves classic Roman dishes such as bucatini all’amatriciana and abbacchio a scottadito but is best known for its seafood offerings. Choose whatever takes your fancy from the fish counter or go for one of the restaurant’s classics like moscardini (tiny octopuses, floured and fried), alici fritti (fried anchovies) or spaghetti with clams – or, if available, telline, which are smaller and sweeter than regular clams. Service is typically Roman, meaning brusque.
A: Via Evangelista Torricelli, 2 | Hours: 12:30pm-3pm & 7:30pm-12am | Price: $$$ | T: +39 06 574 6311 | W: la-torricella.com | Reservations: Recommended