Trying to find the best Pizza in Naples? 10Best has you covered. Our editors and locals search the city and suburbs for the top places. Then, we showcase popular restaurants like ‘O Calamaro, and we highlight eateries with great user reviews, likeMarino.

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Pizzaria Brandi
Pizzaria Brandi was first opened in 1780 under the ownership of Pietro Coliccio, who earned the nickname Pietro il pizzaiuolo (Peter the Pizza maker). Eventually, this little shop fell into the hands of Raffaele Esposito, husband to Maria Brandi. Esposito was asked to cater a banquet for the queen, Margherita di Savoia, for which he made three kinds of pizza for her to taste. Her favorite was the one made with tomato, basil, olive oil, and mozzarella ­ the colors of the newly united Italian Flag. The pizza was then named after her, and thus the Pizza Margherita was born. Today you can still have wonderful pizzas here, starting around 7000L. (081-416-928)

‘O Calamaro
BAGNOLI. ‘O Calamaro’s pizza maker is known internationally for his skill and talent. People crowd this restaurant for a slice of the pizza. The seafood selections are also worth a try. (081-570-4387)

Antica Pizzaria da Michelle
You can’t be in Italy without having pizza, and Antica Pizzeria da Michele is a great place to start. The restaurant still has its original tables from the 1800’s. Da Michele only serves classic pizzas, like margherita (mozzarella and tomato) and marinara (mozzarella and garlic). (081-553-9204)

Lombardi a Santa Chiara
SPACCANAPOLI. Lombardi’s is famous for its traditional Italian cuisine. Lombardi’s will serve you some of Italy’s finest pizza, from one of Italy’s oldest pizzerias. The interior decor is simple and inviting. (081-552-0780)

Pizzaria Trianon
Trianon is a popular pizza parlor among the locals. You can order from a wide selection of different pizzas. Order by the slice, starting at 5000L. This pizzeria has been pleasing its clientele since 1930. (081-553-9426)

Pizzeria Port’Alba
By now, pizza has probably become a staple food for you ­ it’s quick and it’s delicious. This is one of Naples’s oldest pizzerias, founded in 1830. Port’Alba was at the start of a great Italian tradition, which is great Italian pizza that will leave you saying, “Buono!” (081-459-713)

If you follow the crowds at lunchtime, you may find yourself at Cibo, where the it seems everyone gathers for lunch. Look around and it will be easy to see that pizza is by far the most popular choice. Pick your favorite kind from a list that includes pizzas like Margherita and Neopolitan. Their pastas and fish dishes are also good choices if you need a change of pace. Enjoy the bustling Italian streets from your outdoor table while you indulge in your meal.

Da Ettore
SANTA LUCIA. Da Ettore offers a menu based on ancient Napoleon cuisine, with a specific emphasis on exquisite pizzas. If you are craving something a little different, try the pagnotiello, a calzone filled with mozzarella, ham, and mushrooms for around 8500L. Da Ettore is located near Piazza del Plebiscito on the waterfront. (081-764-0498)

Located just around the corner from Piazza del Plebiscito, Marino is a charming little pizzeria with an extensive antipasto, or appetizer menu. The pizzas themselves are also delicious. You can order a typical, traditional pizza or add new, inventive toppings that the creative chef has added to the menu. (081-762-2280)

Ciro a Mergellina
CASTEL DELL’OVO/CHIAIA. Saturday nights are by far the most crowded time to visit Ciro a Mergellina. People come here for the pizzas and the fresh fish entrées and appetizers. The Maxi-Pizza will feed four famished adults, with leftovers. (081-68-17-80)