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A&B offers unique, over-the-top adventure touring. Sailing thru the Mediterrenean is just one offering…

Sardinia –
The Costa Smeralda is a yachting hub well-known for its beauty and glamour, but Sardinia also features nearly deserted beaches, secluded inlets and tiny villages that see little traffic. This Italian island is an optimal sailing destination thanks to its hundreds of isolated coves, picturesque shorelines and dramatic rock formations.

Sicily’s Aeolian Islands –
Sailing in the Aeolian Islands gives a whole new meaning to the word clarity. Here the Tyrrhenian is deep, yet warm, and has an unbelievable glassy quality. With gorgeous coastlines, active volcanoes and fascinating history, it is a great charter destination. The seven small islands that make up this volcanic archipelago are situated just north of Sicily and are known for the pristine water, that is perfect for diving, and largely untouched land crisscrossed by hiking trails.

The Tuscan Coast –
The archipelago off the coast of Tuscany have been protected as part of a national park since 1966. Elba is the largest of the sister islands with 147 km of coastline and a varied landscape that includes white-sand beaches, small fishing villages and rolling green hills. Gorgona, Capraia, Monte Cristo and Pianosa are relatively uninhabited and known for their wildlife.