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Thanks to Indie travel site ‘Bootsnall’, here are a few resources to help you plan an itinerary through Italy, whether it’s a first-time visit or a return trip.

> The Perfect Two-Week Itinerary in Italy
This is tailored toward the first-time visitor to Italy who wants to see the “greatest hits” and a few other gems besides.

> How to Plan the Perfect Italy Itinerary
For those of you who want the tools to plan a trip that’s reasonable without being told exactly where to go, these tips will be helpful.

> Italy Holidays & Festivals
There’s always some kind of festival going on somewhere in Italy, and it’s good to know when the big holidays are (they can make getting around difficult, and can raise the prices on hotel rooms).

> Fodor’s Suggested Itinerary This is also geared toward first-time visitors to Italy who aren’t sure where to start, and covers many of the country’s highlights in just over a week long trip.

> Frommer’s Suggested Itineraries There are four suggested Italy itineraries linked on the left-hand column of this page, for trips of 1-2 weeks, with a cultural emphasis, or for families.

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> Rick Steves’ Favorite Italy Itinerary Rick’s favorite itinerary is 22 days long, so you may have to cut a few things out if you only have two weeks.

> Italy Magazine:

> Itinerary Suggestions
There are a few articles linked here with suggestions for Italy itineraries, some very localized and others covering larger parts of the country.

Source: Bootsnall website: