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A Guide to Venice Top Beaches….


Alberoni is the last Lido beach. Venice Lido has quite a few beaches but this is a top choice. Not anything spectacular but definitely a pleasant enough beach and free as well.
Surprisingly it does not look quite as much like an umbrella landing zone as so many of the beaches around the north of Italy and regimented rows of deck chairs and umbrellas are not that appealing. One problem with this beach in August is trying to swim a little further than just dipping your toes into the water. Many boats and jet skis seem to think that the water is for them only and come very close to the beach with apparent impunity.The beach is set in a nature reserve and really does seem a world away from the hustle and bustle of Venice. A great idea if you feel energetic is to hire a bike and explore the island.
For those who would like a good game of golf in Venice, the Circolo Golf Venezia course near here is excellent and the course is an ideal place to view some Venice Sunsets that are as good as sunsets get in Italy.
IF YOU GO:To get to Alberoni you can take a ferry from Venice which takes forty minutes. For more on the ferry, a map of where the Lido is and timetables visit the ferry operators site.

Alberoni is an excellent option if you want somewhere cheaper and quieter to stay, great for families, and still near enough to Venice to spend the day in the city.

The beach at first may appear a little too regimented but it is a likable place.
Here one can find great little town, a superb spa resort and despite the umbrella rows the beach is very clean, the sea too was about as clean ever seen in the Adriatic.The resort is surrounded by a fragrant pine forest – which really relaxes one. Bibione is also not that far from Venice and easily reached by train or car. IF YOU GO: If you go by train get of at Portogruaro station and catch the regular bus into town.

Rosolina Beach
Rosolina is around sixty kilometers from Venice, just south of Chioggia, and easily reached from Venice Marco Polo airport by bus. This beach is over 8 kilometers long, with clean, fine sand. Because of the size of the beach it is rarely overcrowded except for August and on weekends in July. Not only is this a long beach but it is over 100 meters wide. You will need to put up with the regimented rows of umbrellas, but because of the size of the beach it is bearable. There is also plenty to do with most hotels offering swimming pools and tennis courts. Suggest hiring bicycles and exploring a little as well. This is just the sort of place I like cycling – nice and flat.

Albarella Beach
Albarella is the prettiest of the beaches in the Venice Italy Beach Guide. The beach is on a private island that falls within a nature reserve. Albarella island is only about five kilometers long by two kilometers wide and is famous for having around two million trees. The name, Albarella, means Poplar tree.
The island is private – only guests staying here are allowed in and this place is really paradise if you have kids. The benefits are numerous for a great family holiday. Some of the best points are:
• Virtually car free – you need to walk, cycle or catch the little island train to get around, which makes this island a fabulous place to explore and the kids can run free.
• Great concerts, shows and live entertainment in the summer.
• Superb choice of sports including a great golf course and Europe’s biggest salt water swimming pool.
• Nearly every type of water sport from sailing to deep sea diving.
• A great kids club that managed the difficult task of keeping a child busy from morning to night.