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NY Times did its annual review of the Big Apple’s best restaurants…and the Italian centric restaurants that made the Top Ten are as follows:

# 6. Via Carota
A: 51 Grove Street (Seventh Avenue), West Village; no phone;
This is where to get unfussy, delicious food in the West Village. Nobody has been disappointed yet. Jody Williams and Rita Sodi, the chefs and owners, know when to respect Italian tradition and when to give it a poke. The pasta is supple, just firm enough, never oversauced. The vegetables, though, get a little wild, and are almost always the better for it. Ms. Williams is a veteran flea-market scavenger, and her trophies conjure a kind of fantasy of rustic Italian life. They cover every available surface except the wall of windows, which anchors Via Carota firmly back in its neighborhood. Two stars.

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# 7. Santina
A: 820 Washington Street (Gansevoort Street)(Meatpacking District); Tel#” 212-254-3000; W:
Inside Santina’s glass-box building is an Italian seaside vacation that never ends, even when the beach umbrellas come inside for the winter. Cha-cha music rustles the fronds of potted palms, servers’ outfits are Riviera-bright, and the food, on cheerfully colored glazed terra cotta, tastes like summer. Fish and vegetables rule the day, seasoned with chiles, herbs and citrus until they shimmer with fresh, energizing flavors. The Major Food Group builds restaurants as immersive theater; in this one, everything but the noise conspires to lift your mood. Two stars.