Martinis @ the Palazzo Avino's Terrace Bar

Martinis @ the Palazzo Avino's Terrace Bar

Here’s a must for the bucket list, especially when one is touring the Amalfi Coast. Spend an evening in quaint Ravello and thrills the senses with food & drink:

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Stop # 1:The Lobster & Martini Bar @ the Palazzo Avino.
The bar opens at 6 pm so go early. “Clients can enjoy the freshest local lobster paired with refreshing Champagne or Prosecco amidst a backdrop of the awe-inspiring Mediterranean Sea. Alternatively, guests can enjoy their choice of 65 different Martinis uniquely crafted by the hotel’s in-house Martini mixologist! Martinis range from traditional to exotic using ingredients such as seasonal fruits and herbs. The combination of watching the sunset while enjoying a digestive and viewing the sky, mountains and sea is heavenly!”

Palazzo Avino Hotel
A: Via San Giovanni del Toro 28
Tel #: + 39 089 81 81 81
Fax + 39 089 85 89 00

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Stop #2: Cumpa Cosimo Ristorante
Arguably the best place to dine in the area besides Michelin-ranked Rosellini’s. Hours: Sometimes CLOSED Mondays in winter. Trattoria e pizzeria. Cumpa Cosima is a very well known ‘institution. According to Fodor’s: “Lustier-looking than most Ravello spots, Cumpa’ Cosimo is run devotedly by Netta Bottone, who tours the tables to ensure her clients are content. Her family has owned this cantina for 75 of its 300-plus years, and she has been cooking under the arched ceiling for more than 60 of them. You can’t miss with any of the classic Ravellian dishes. A favorite (share it—it’s huge) is a misto of whatever homemade pasta inspires her, served with a fresh, fragrant pesto. Meats, from Netta’s own butcher shop next door, are generally excellent and local wines ease it all down gently. The funghi porcini mushroom starter is delicious and the house cheesecake or homemade gelato provide a luscious ending.”

Cumpa Cosima – Ravello
A: Via Roma, 44
Tel #: 089 857156‬.