Imagine receiving overnight the world’s best gelato (packed in dry ice)…. Then, a week later, a stack of travel articles arrive in your mailbox or if you prefer, pdfs sent to your inbox. And, still to come, a week before you depart, your personalized luggage tags arrive …in Italiano!

A&B Private Concierge Class™

A&B Private Concierge Class™

It’s all part of A&B’s Private Concierge Class™.

Unlimited travel planning. Unlimited consultation. Unique, insider experiences from appointments at Milan fashion houses after hours to a private helicopter tour of Mount Vesuvio, seeing the volcanoe from the sky or driving a Ferrari across the Italian Alps.

Aielli & Benevento’s unique touring service –Private Concierge Class™– is simply unmatched in the travel industry. No agency can replicate our level of personal attention.

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With Private Concierge Class™ you will begin this once in a lifetime trip with a chauffeur and Mercedes S Class sedan waiting to greet you at the airport. Once your feet touch down on Italian soil, A&B will provide a professional driver and expert guide throughout your stay. You will also have access to private butler service, a personal photographer, a masseuse and other professional support services. A&B creates for each traveler a detailed client profile of personal preferences from choice of favorite wines to preferred bedding to desired music with a customized IPOD.

> Customized, Private Travel.
Aielli & Benevento’s individually designed travel programs reflect a commitment to provide ‘tailored’ touring experiences, measured to fit the particular interests of each client. It’s why leading figures in the business and entertainment communities use our services over and over again.

>Unrivaled Italy expertise.
No travel agency focuses exclusively on Italy the way we do. After three decades of traveling to the Italian peninsula, we have built relationships with the best in luxurious hotels, and Michelin class restaurants.

A personalized touring plan designed by our firm represents the culmination of decades of experience traveling around Italy. We simply know how to “work the system” to avoid long waits and overbooked venues…giving clients preferred access 24X7.

> Unmatched VIP Travel.
An Aielli & Benevento planned and escorted trip is organized down to the last detail… we provide the very best expert guides as well as personal protection services on demand. And we even produce a Tuscan leather bound photo album, personally engraved to memorialize your trip.

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