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This city and commune in Lombardy, is about 40 km (25 mi) northeast of Milan. This eastern Lombard city offers a wealth of art and medieval Renaissance and baroque architecture, a privileged position overlooking the southern plains, breathtaking views and some fine dining …one of northern Italy’s most beguiling cities.

The city’s defining feature is a double identity. The ancient hilltop Upper Town (Città Alta) is a tangle of tiny medieval streets, embraced by 5km of Venetian walls. It lords it over the largely (but not entirely) modern Lower Town (Città Bassa). A funicular connects the two.

The commune is home to over 120,000 inhabitants. It is served by the Orio al Serio Airport, which also serves the Province and the metropolitan area of Milan. The foothills of the Alps begin immediately north of the town. With 239,022 arrivals, It is the second most visited city in Lombardy after Milan.


Answer: Bergamo in Lombardy.