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Six of Genoa’s Better Restaurants According to Lonely Planet

Here are six of Genoa’s Better Restaurants According to Lonely Planet > Il Marin A: Porto Antico; Tel#: +390 10 869 87 22; Prices meals €50. Opening hours: noon-3pm & 7pm-10.30pm. Eating by the water often means a compromise

Gorgonzola Festival in Italy

The annual Gorgonzola Festival takes place each September in the Italian town of …you guessed it: Gorgonzola. Called the Sagra Nazionale del Gorgonzola in Italian, the Gorgonzola Festival is now an annual event. Each year the town’s high street, Via

“Snow Cones Italian-Style”

Granitas are the easiest of frozen confections to make, and light enough to eat all summer long. Try these recipes for Aperol-citrus and mocha ices. The full story here. “I ENCOUNTERED my first granita—Italy’s slightly more granular take on sorbet—on

LaFerrari Debuts

“LaFerrari is the first Ferrari hypercar designed in-house and it is a technical manifesto of the company’s future direction THAT’S NO TYPO: The name of Ferrari’s latest thunderbolt is LaFerrari, with the article lewdly rubbing against the proper noun. It’s

Shopping in Venice’s Cannaregio

Italian Silk Ties…Boga, etc.

Acqua Di Parma

Acqua Di Parma

Salviati Venetian Glass