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A Layover in Dubai: What to See

While the Dubai International Airport is impressive and the city has many tourist locales, try these hidden gems on your next layover. >Breakfast- Try Comptoir 102 “The space, which has been designed as a home, complete with a lounge, garden,

Travel Tips to Better Hotel Sleep

Specialists say there are 3 simple tips for getting some peaceful shut-eye at any hotel. >Eliminate Distractions Everybody knows that the blue light from technology can keep us awake during the night, but even analog systems of entertainment can take away

What You Need to Know About Your Passport

  Last year, more than 72 million Americans traveled abroad, according to the National Travel and Tourism Office. Yet many international travelers are turned away at the airport because even though they have a valid passport, its expiration date does

Using an Italian SIM Card When in Italy

“Using your cellphone abroad can be painful. Expensive calls and extortionate data roaming charges mean that many people turn off their mobile data altogether to avoid a nasty bill when they get home. And although some networks offer temporary international

A&B Concierge-Managed Travel

Imagine during your trip having on a private car and driver on call 24/7 or a professional guide. With A&B’s concierge-managed travel service our team follows you across the Italian Peninsula to ensure your every want and every need is

Travel Planning Resources + Italy Itineraries

Thanks to Indie travel site ‘Bootsnall’, here are a few resources to help you plan an itinerary through Italy, whether it’s a first-time visit or a return trip. > The Perfect Two-Week Itinerary in Italy This is tailored toward the

Riviera del Brenta, Overlooked in the Veneto

Riviera del Brenta is an area of high historical-scenic interest along the Naviglio del Brenta, a branch of Brenta river between the town of Stra and the Brenta outfall in Fusina location.
Since XVI century, the richest venetian families began to

Travel Tips for European Trips

Three new travel tips from the NY Times: Here’s what you need to know… Should you make charges in euros or U.S. dollars? You’re asked at a hotel or restaurant if you would like to pay in euros or dollars.

Common Expressions Used by Italians

Parla Italiano? Here are eight common expressions used by Italians that you can learn and weave into your holiday Italian to make you sound just like a local. Che ne so When asked a question that they cannot answer, Italians

Ten Mistakes Tourists make Traveling to Italy…

Ten Mistakes Tourists make Traveling to Italy… 1. Over Planning and Over Scheduling Italy does not run like clockwork so don’t expect everything to go smoothly, especially if you’ve made yourself a tight schedule. Leave some time for hanging out

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