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Alpine summer in Italy- three great spots…

Everyone thinks beaches during summer months. But Italy offers you this and more according to Italy magazine: “For a cooler alternative to a beach holiday, try Italy’s mountain villages. You’ll find majestic landscapes, rustic architecture and extraordinary food. Snow capped

Q. Where is this in Italy?

Philadelphia Ristoranti

There are a lot of wonderful Italian restaurants in Philly area…here are A&B Picks…(our favorites: La Famiglia and Vetri). > Alba 7 W. King St. (Warren Ave.)/Malvern, PA; Tel#: 610-644-4009 | Chef Sean Weinberg and his wife Kelly run this

Mountain Borghi (three Hill towns not in Tuscany)

Excerpted from Italy Magazine… “There isn’t a better time to visit a mountain village than winter, when the lamplights cast a trembling glow over the snow, and the streets are imbued with the scent of chestnuts, mulled wine and burning