Trentino Alto Aldige

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Main photo credit: Fototeca Trentino Sviluppo S.p.A. Photo: Silvano Angelani

8 Italian Alpine Towns

8 Italian Alpine Towns The Trentino Alto Adige offers extraordinary scenery, great skiing and Alpine villages that blend the best of Italian and Austrian culture and cuisine. The area, under Austrian rule for nearly 1000 years, merged with Italy after

Alpine summer in Italy- three great spots…

Everyone thinks beaches during summer months. But Italy offers you this and more according to Italy magazine: “For a cooler alternative to a beach holiday, try Italy’s mountain villages. You’ll find majestic landscapes, rustic architecture and extraordinary food. Snow capped

Q. Where is this in Italy?

Philadelphia Ristoranti

There are a lot of wonderful Italian restaurants in Philly area…here are A&B Picks…(our favorites: La Famiglia and Vetri). > Alba 7 W. King St. (Warren Ave.)/Malvern, PA; Tel#: 610-644-4009 | Chef Sean Weinberg and his wife Kelly run this

Mountain Borghi (three Hill towns not in Tuscany)

Excerpted from Italy Magazine… “There isn’t a better time to visit a mountain village than winter, when the lamplights cast a trembling glow over the snow, and the streets are imbued with the scent of chestnuts, mulled wine and burning