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Overlooked Gems on the Italian Riviera

When most people think of The Italian Riviera they think of San Remo (worn) the Cinque Terre (crowded) and Portofino (expensive & touristy). But there are scores of amazing coastal towns, many of which remain much less crowded than the

A Weekend on the Italian Riviera

Italian Riviera – An Introduction Nestled between the south of France and the Tuscan border lies the region of Liguria, with verdant and lush mountains to the north and east, and the sapphire blue Mediterranean to the south and west.

Driving Liguria’s Italian Coast

Only Italians seem to have discovered the colorful villages and tranquil beaches of Liguria’s Riviera di Ponente. T+L hits the Via Aurelia for a languorous coastal drive. Mario Anfossi isn’t widely known as the Basil King of Italy but his

The Best Spots on the Italian Riviera

Although the entire stretch of the Ligurian coastline known as the Italian Riviera is beautiful, there are some towns and locations within the region that merit special attention. San Remo The town closest to the French border at the western

Hotel Splendido in Portofino

IF YOU GO… Portofino…the best hotel on the Italian Riviera is the Hotel Splendido. Formerly a Benedictine monastery, the Hotel Splendido was converted into aluxurious hotel in 1922 and quickly became one of Europe’s hotspots. To this day, it is

Best Beaches in Liguria: Where to Go

When near the Italian Riviera, every tourist thinks “Cinque Terre”.  But there is so much more on the Ligurian Coast.  This article details the best beaches to enjoy. “The Italian Riviera has nearly 200 miles of coastline. It climbs from

Overlooked Recco…the Ligurian Coast

Where is this in Italy?

Best Beaches in Italy…

Italy’s Best Beaches (by Jennifer Plum Auvil), from Italian beaches are almost unmatched. Mediterranean breezes, golden sand, and strong sunshine are all characteristics of a beach trip to Italy. All along the coastline, from the Italian Riviera to the

A Seaside Bar in Cinque Terre

In Vernazza, along the Ligurian Coast … Ristorante Belforte’s tiny, four-table balcony lets you sip your “vino della Cinque Terre” overlooking the Mediterranean from the edge of a stony castle. You can feel the mist from the surf crashing below on

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