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Italy’s Top Ten Golf Courses

“Italy has it all for a holiday destination, that’s why it’s surprising that it’s not one of the most popular golf destinations in Europe. reveals some hidden gems. Royal Golf and Country Club A host to the Italian Open

15 of Italy’s Best Beaches by Travel & Leisure

Italy’s extra-ordinary coastline added by the islands of Sardinia and Sicily afford sun-worshippers a phenomenal range of beaches. Thanks to Travel & Leisure, here in no particular order are 15 of the best of Italy’s beaches: Acquafredda di Maratea Beach,

A Week in Sicilia designed by Frommer’s

Designed to let you see the highlights of the island on a very tight schedule, this itinerary touches upon the classical vestiges of Sicily, yet allows for some outdoor fun and relaxation: The splendid temples and ruins that outnumber those

Kayaking on the Venice’s Grande Canale

Venice is the most spectacular city in the world, unique in every conceivable way. A kayaking experience through its famous canals –where you will have the chance to enjoy the main sights of the city while paddling along its canals,

The Mysterious Tyrrhenian island of Ischia

Few places evoke the mythic legacy of the Mediterranean as powerfully as the tiny Tyrrhenian island of Ischia. With its tangles of bougainevilla cascading over parched rocks, lizards darting between slabs of volcanic tufa and cliffs rearing up over indigo

Three of Italy’s fabulous Mediterranean Isle Beach Hotels

Off Italy’s mainland sit three fabulous Mediterranean isles: Sicily, Sardinia and Elba. Each is very different from the next and each with its own unique charm and personality. What they all share, however, are some luxurious beach hotels. Here are

Most Overlooked Italian Isles

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Italy has few, if any, unexplored corners. Places like Capri or Taormina can sometimes seem like a caricature of themselves, their natural beauty suffocating amidst tourist hoards and souvenir shops.

Bosa, Sardinia: ‘Europe’s Most Beautiful Villages’ by T&L

Bosa, Sardinia: “Far from the glitzy beach resorts that have many complaining about overdevelopment in Sardinia, Bosa remains an unspoiled gem on the island’s northwestern coast. The medieval town, on the banks of the Temo River, has an attractive riverfront

Cefalu’, the town that King Roger built

Just one hour’s drive east of Palermo, sitting serenely between its natural bay and the towering rocky granite mass of La Rocca, is Cefalù. For a small town, Cefalù offers a great deal, including sandy beaches, winding Mediaeval streets flanked

Burano, Jewel of Venetian Lagoon

It goes without saying that Venice is a must-visit place for any traveller within its proximity, but it would be unthinkable now to visit this unique place without taking a water bus over to the little island of Burano –

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