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A&B Concierge-Managed Travel

Imagine during your trip having on a private car and driver on call 24/7 or a professional guide. With A&B’s concierge-managed travel service our team follows you across the Italian Peninsula to ensure your every want and every need is

Before You Go… A&B’s Pre-Departure Checklist

Any overseas trip requires planning. But some ‘third world’ destinations require a lot prep than the simple hop across the pond to Europa. Here is the A&B list of 8 important items to cross off your pre-departure checklist. 1. Be

A&B Tuscan Wine Escapes…The Best in Concierge Travel

Aielli & Benevento’s “Tuscan Wine Escape” is a five-day, perfect getaway designed as an exceptional touring experience for those who have never been to ‘Bella Toscana’ as well as those seasoned travelers who consider the vineyard region an old favorite.

Private Concierge Class™ by A&B

Imagine receiving overnight the world’s best gelato (packed in dry ice)…. Then, a week later, a stack of travel articles arrive in your mailbox or if you prefer, pdfs sent to your inbox. And, still to come, a week before

Acqua Di Parma

Four Seasons Firenze

There is no comparable hotel property in all of Florence.  The Four Seasons remains our favorite of the City, outshining some of the most wonderful properties including other A&B favorites: Villa Cora, Hotel Lungarno, St. Regis and J.K. Place. The

When in Rome…How To Meet the New Pope

The new VIP in the Eternal City, the former Jorge Mario Bergoglio, aka Pope Francis, is drawing big crowds. You can meet the Pope after his usual weekly general audience on Wednesday mornings. Although there is no charge, an audience

Ambassador Style Touring

With “Ambassador Style Touring,” A&B designs  for each client a personal touring      program based on one’s personal interests.
 We develop a detailed daily itinerary for the areas in Italy to be visited. Clients receive unlimited consultation prior to

Giorgio Armani’s Super Yacht: Main

Say hello to one great boat. Giorgio Armani… Even at age 78, the Italian who is the coolest dude on the peninsula is fashion genius Giorgio Armani. Fittingly he has a boat, aka a 40 million euro yacht that matches his

Italian restaurants in Tampa…

Here are suggestions for Italian restaurants in Tampa area… Timpano Italian Chop House Located across the street from Cinebistro movie theater in South Hyde Park, the Timpano Italian Chop House boasts a warm atmosphere and an award winning menu. There

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