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Il Sereno – Modern Luxury on Lago di Como

With the iconic lake at its feet, Il Sereno is the epitome of elegance and luxury. The hotel brings a new era of luxury to the banks of Italy’s iconic Lake Como. Awarded the title of “Most Anticipated New Luxury

Lake Como’s Billionaire-View Suites @The Grand Hotel Tremezzo

“The Hotel Detective was skulking about the fourth-floor corridor of the Hotel Grand Tremezzo, which overlooks Lake Como, trying to look nonchalant. He was waiting for an untrafficed moment to take a picture of the floor plan, which, as in

IF YOU GO…Stresa

The famous town of Stresa (Italy, 5000 inhabitants, 200 m above sea level) enjoys a splendid location on Lake Maggiore in the Gulf of Borromeo, where it overlooks the eponymous islands, the main attraction in the region. Its beautiful countryside,

Sirmione, Gem of Lago di Garda

Sirmione…at the southern point of Lake Garda… “Over the centuries impossibly pretty Sirmione has drawn the likes of Catullus and Maria Callas to its banks, and today millions of visitors follow in their footsteps for a glimpse of Lake Garda’s

Lake Garda Ristoranti: Esplanade e Al Gondoliere

Two of the more highly rated restaurants on Lake Garda… > Esplanade A: Via Lario, 10 25015 Desenzano del Garda Tel#: +390309143361. E: W: Hours: 1230PM – 2PM Luncheon; 730PM –10PM Dinner; CLOSED Wednesdays. This restaurant has been

Valpolicella 101: A great every day Red + Tour Info

Chianti is more well-travelled. Barolo is the certifiable king. And now some savvy Italian wine drinkers have begun to flock to Brunello di Montalcino over the last decade. Overlooked amongst Italian Reds is one of the more drinkable every day

Not to Miss…Five Sardinian Beaches

“Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Other than the beautiful culture, the balmy Mediterranean climate, delicious cuisine, and the breathtaking inland geography, what else can one possibly love about Sardinia? Why it’s the beaches, of course! There

CastaDiva Resort/ Lago di Como

‘Clooney worthy’ …Ristoranti in Lago di Como

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