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Ten Towns to Visit in Umbria

A brief survey of overlooked Umbria thanks to Rebecca Winke, owner of Brigolante Guest Apartments and author of Umbria Slow: Food, Culture, and Travel App. “It can be argued that the central Italian region of Umbria, book-ended by neighboring Lazio

Ceramica, Cashmere, Cioccolato..Umbrian Treasures

Where to Shop in Umbria for these treasures: Ceramica, Cashmere, Cioccolato… Perhaps the most recognizable of Umbrian products is its traditional majolica ceramics, primarily from the tiny town of Deruta. Though the local production can trace its roots back to

Biking thru Umbria &Tuscany…Restaurants Worth Pedaling to…

A repeat client of  Aielli & Benevento is biking through Umbria and Tuscany so thought we would arrange a road map of quality meals.  While it is very hard to find bad food in the Tuscan and Umbrian hills ,

Trip Advisor’s Top Ten Italy Restaurants

Italy Magazine has posted a recent article in which Trip Advisor reveals its annual Traveller’s Choice Awards on the Top Ten Italian restaurants according to the site’s users. Below is the Top Ten list – note that just one is

Overlooked Gems in Northern Italy

Northern Gems…Overlooked But Worth A Look These four “gem” towns all have vaguely familiar sounding names but would be difficult for all but the most seasoned Italy travelers to find on a map.  Not often frequented by tourists, they are

Italia in Festa…Festivals in Italy.

Be it food, art, music or sport, as the Italia Government Tourist board likes to brag, there is a festival for every traveler’s interest.  Here are just a few: > Il Carnevale di Venezia (Jan 25 to Feb 5) Often

Overlooked Orvieto

Often overlooked and always superseded by Assisi, Orvieto represents the first of many beautiful hill townsone easily visited after departing Rome on the way to Florence. Orvieto is a city situated on the flat summit of a large butte of