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The Last Supper aka Il Cenacolo

Many visitors to Milan are art lovers on the da Vinci trail, while others are readers of Dan Brown following the da Vinci Code route. You can bet both parties will be making their way to Il Cenacolo Vinciano to

Q. Where is this in Italy?

The Suite Life… L’Albereta – Lombardy

A charming 5-star resort in the verdant hills of Franciacorta a few minutes’ drive from Lake Iseo, L’Albereta Relais & Chateaux is truly off the beaten track. The proprietor has a theory about houses, that each should have a pensatoio

Overlooked Gems in Northern Italy

Northern Gems…Overlooked But Worth A Look These four “gem” towns all have vaguely familiar sounding names but would be difficult for all but the most seasoned Italy travelers to find on a map.  Not often frequented by tourists, they are