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A Classic-to-Quirky Cocktail Tour of Milan

” Evening drinks in Milan, Italy’s sleekest city, are more main event than prelude. A guide to four bars where the aperitivo includes stellar snacks, ambiance and a few surprises (Harvey Wallbanger, anyone?) By CHARLES PASSY AH, THE WORLD’S great

Zagat’s Top Italian Restaurants in Washington

Here is a short list of excellent Italian food establishments in Washington. Omitting Tosca illustrates that it is by no means a comprehensive listing. >Casa Luca 1099 New York Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20001 202-628-1099202-628-1099 | www.casalucadc.com Arguably the most

Milano’s Hip Bar: Ricci

Located a few blocks from Milan’s main train station: Stazione Centrale. Review from an A&B client: “Ricci – recently opened, owned by Joe Bastianich – so more expensive than it needs to be – aperitivo is perfect – with queso

A long weekend in… Rome

From cuisine to culture, handbags to hotels, the Eternal City’s appeal is sharpened of late with fresh interpretations of its timeless attractions, says Maria Shollenbarger: From London Financial Times “How To Spend It” column: Omnes viae Romam ducunt, the saying

Ristoranti Buono – Four in Venezia

Ultra touristy San Marco makes finding a good meal in Venice a serious challenge. Here are four restaurants worth your time & money, reviews by Lonely Planet: >Osteria Trefanti A: Fondamenta Garzotti, 888; Tel#: +390 41 520 17 89; W:www.osteriatrefanti.it

Fodor’s Restaurant Picks:Taormina

Here are a sampling of restaurants around the classic Sicilian town of Taormina. According to Fodor’s food critics, these 5 eating establishments represent some of the best in Sicilian cuisine. > Bella Blu A: Via Pirandello 28, Taormina,; Tel#: 0942-24239;

Bologna’s Ristoranti: Fodor’s Best…

Here are four of Bologna‘s better ristoranti…according to Fodor’s: > Da Cesari A: Via dei Carbonesi, 8 (South of Piazza Maggiore) W: www.da-cesari.it Hours: Closed Sun., Aug., and 1 wk in Jan. Reservations essential. Fodor’s Review: “Just off Piazza Maggiore,

World’s 50 Best Restaurants – 3 from Italy

#2 Osteria Francescana A: Via Stella 22, Tel#: +39 059 223912 W: www.osteriafrancescana.it/index.php MODENA Style of food: Contemporary Italian Standout dish: The crunchy part of the lasagne. “Italian fare with artistic flair from charismatic chef Massimo Bottura…Despite the fact that

Nine Neighborhood Roman Trattorias

These historic, family-run trattorias offer traditional dishes from the Roman cooking tradition: a tradition of the territory, ‘poor’, essential, simple and proud, which is based on ingredients coming from farming and rural tradition. Among the highlights of Roman cuisine are

Six of Genoa’s Better Restaurants According to Lonely Planet

Here are six of Genoa’s Better Restaurants According to Lonely Planet > Il Marin A: Porto Antico; Tel#: +390 10 869 87 22; W:www.eataly.net Prices meals €50. Opening hours: noon-3pm & 7pm-10.30pm. Eating by the water often means a compromise

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