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Ristoranti Buono – Four in Venezia

Ultra touristy San Marco makes finding a good meal in Venice a serious challenge. Here are four restaurants worth your time & money, reviews by Lonely Planet: >Osteria Trefanti A: Fondamenta Garzotti, 888; Tel#: +390 41 520 17 89;

Venice’s Best Souvenir Shops

“The minute you set foot in Venice, you’ll be pestered by people offering you “authentic souvenirs” to take home. Keep walking. Give yourself time to choose typical items made by Venetians and available only in Venice. Here are five souvenirs

A Guide to Venice’s Top Beaches….

A Guide to Venice Top Beaches…. Alberoni Alberoni is the last Lido beach. Venice Lido has quite a few beaches but this is a top choice. Not anything spectacular but definitely a pleasant enough beach and free as well. Surprisingly

Kayaking on the Venice’s Grande Canale

Venice is the most spectacular city in the world, unique in every conceivable way. A kayaking experience through its famous canals –where you will have the chance to enjoy the main sights of the city while paddling along its canals,

Five Myths About Bella Italia

From USA Today: “Italy may well be the European destination most beloved by American travelers. But stereotypes and misconceptions persist about the country. Here are five myths about Italy that should be laid to rest. 1. When you visit Italy,

Venice’s Best Wine Bars (and Pubs)

“For those looking to take advantage of the social scene in Venice, or perhaps even for those who will need a break from all of their tourist activities, there are plenty of bars to choose from in Venice. Wine bars

Venice’s native Luncheon Dish: Spaghetti di Nero

“Venice is perhaps Italy’s most extraordinary city – a city of elegant palazzos, palaces, theaters and markets surprisingly situated in the middle of a lagoon, connected by a maze of canals and bridges. From the birthplace of explorer Marco Polo,

Burano, Jewel of Venetian Lagoon

It goes without saying that Venice is a must-visit place for any traveller within its proximity, but it would be unthinkable now to visit this unique place without taking a water bus over to the little island of Burano –

The ‘Ultra Smooth’ Gritti Palace

Occupying a prestigious setting on the Grand Canal, the newly renovated Gritti Palace was built in 1525 as residence of Doge Andrea Gritti. The location cannot be beat: A leisurely short stroll from Piazza San Marco, the imposing palazzo awards

St. Regis Venice

Assuming the former San Clemente Palace property, the St. Regis Venice is now open for business. This St. Regis move follows the recent overhaul of Florence’s Grand Hotel which became a St. Regis oasis in 2012. Just across the lagoon

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