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Inaugural Food & Wine Festival in Venice

There is a new tradition in Venice this year: The Venice Food & Wine Festival, taking place on May 3rd-6th.  A weekend full of epicurean delights “showcasing the finest Italian cuisine, wine and spirits. Immerse yourself in the very best of Veneto

Riviera del Brenta, Overlooked in the Veneto

Riviera del Brenta is an area of high historical-scenic interest along the Naviglio del Brenta, a branch of Brenta river between the town of Stra and the Brenta outfall in Fusina location.
Since XVI century, the richest venetian families began to

A Guide to Venice’s Top Beaches….

A Guide to Venice Top Beaches…. Alberoni Alberoni is the last Lido beach. Venice Lido has quite a few beaches but this is a top choice. Not anything spectacular but definitely a pleasant enough beach and free as well. Surprisingly

Kayaking on the Venice’s Grande Canale

Venice is the most spectacular city in the world, unique in every conceivable way. A kayaking experience through its famous canals –where you will have the chance to enjoy the main sights of the city while paddling along its canals,

Venice’s native Luncheon Dish: Spaghetti di Nero

“Venice is perhaps Italy’s most extraordinary city – a city of elegant palazzos, palaces, theaters and markets surprisingly situated in the middle of a lagoon, connected by a maze of canals and bridges. From the birthplace of explorer Marco Polo,

Vino 101: Prosecco

Prosecco is a sparkling frizzante (or still) wine, made from the Glera grape. The most common style of Prosecco as we know it comes in the sparkling style. It is not the methode Champenoise (fermented in the bottle), but rather

Valpolicella 101: A great every day Red + Tour Info

Chianti is more well-travelled. Barolo is the certifiable king. And now some savvy Italian wine drinkers have begun to flock to Brunello di Montalcino over the last decade. Overlooked amongst Italian Reds is one of the more drinkable every day

Defining Guide to Venice’s Best Gelato Shops

A difficult challenge it is to find Venice’s best gelato shop. After much searching, we surrender  befuddled by the options.   But here are eight of the very best that should not disappoint! Listed not in any ranked order…

Castello di Soave in the Veneto

Castello di Soave/  Take the castle  tour… The main entrance of the castle is located to the north, a drawbridge and protected by a mighty tower on which stands a sculpture of St. George. After crossing the drawbridge you enter