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A Classic-to-Quirky Cocktail Tour of Milan

” Evening drinks in Milan, Italy’s sleekest city, are more main event than prelude. A guide to four bars where the aperitivo includes stellar snacks, ambiance and a few surprises (Harvey Wallbanger, anyone?) By CHARLES PASSY AH, THE WORLD’S great

Milano’s Hip Bar: Ricci

Located a few blocks from Milan’s main train station: Stazione Centrale. Review from an A&B client: “Ricci – recently opened, owned by Joe Bastianich – so more expensive than it needs to be – aperitivo is perfect – with queso

Where The Locals Eat Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner In Milan

“The Milanese go there, those who live in the area (or work there) and so know the neighborhood and choose the best (after they have tried everything else). In the morning, for breakfast, you find busy ladies experiencing the cappuccino

Ten of Italy’s Better Spas

A good spa can provide the requisite peace and tranquillity through a combination of treatments and relaxing ambience. Italy contains a wealth of fantastic spas and spa hotels to retreat to. Here are 10 great examples reviewed by Italy Magazine…

Gorgonzola Festival in Italy

The annual Gorgonzola Festival takes place each September in the Italian town of …you guessed it: Gorgonzola. Called the Sagra Nazionale del Gorgonzola in Italian, the Gorgonzola Festival is now an annual event. Each year the town’s high street, Via

Ten of Milan’s Best Gelato Shops

 A: 1
Via Alberto da Giussano, 1a; T: +39 02 43511942; W:
 Internationally known thanks to ambitious franchising program. > La Gelateria della Musica
 A: 2
Via Giovanni Enrico Pestalozzi; T: +39 02 20520397’ W:

 With a very

Milan’s Chic Boutique Hotels

> Hotel Spadari Al Duomo A: Via Spadarii,11. E: Just 150 metres from Piazza del Duomo and Milan Cathedral, Hotel Spadari features original artwork and modern comforts throughout. Rooms include free mineral water, air conditioning and free Wi-Fi.

Vegetarian…When in Milano.

Here are five restaurants (aka cinque ristoranti) for vegetarian lovers in Milano…(Note: they listed in no particular order.) > Mudra A: Via Parenzo, 7. Tel: +39 3454512459; E: Nice and cozy, what we appreciate the most is the friendly

Milano’s Best Places to Eat Veal Milanese

From the Wall Street Journal: “A guide to the ubiquitous veal dish that defines—and divides—the Italian fashion capital: cotoletta alla Milanese THE MATTER of what meal most typifies Milan has long been a subject of intense debate in Italy’s business

Milano Ristoranti- Four of the Best…

Milan is full of wonderful and exciting places to eat out, with a wide choice of every kind of food imaginable. The many stylish locations in Milan and wide variety of superb, mouth-watering menus, often with an emphasis on fish,

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